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Victor Cheerleading

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Victor Cheer Booster Association (VCBA) Board Member Duties

 Position requires significant time commitment around time of major fundraisers
 Attend and facilitate monthly meetings
 Set agenda for each meeting
 Public relations with community, other booster club teams and school administrators
 Create “welcome” letter at the beginning of each season
 Chair fundraising competitions including Youth Competition and Victor Cheer Classic, as well as be an ex officio member of all committees of the VCBA
 Oversee advertising for fundraisers (working with event chairperson/communications)
 Coordinate with committee chairs on an ongoing basis about progress, needs and support for subcommittee work (fundraisers, Sr. Night, banquet, etc.)
 Maintain fundraiser spreadsheet

Vice President:

 Attend monthly meetings
 Facilitate meetings or other events in the absence of the president
Assist President in chairing fundraising events and activities 
 Head up a sub-committee and/or be on a sub-committee
 Notify all Executive Board Members of all meetings and upcoming events
 Provide a slate of officers and oversee voting

 Attend monthly meetings
 Keep minutes and agenda for upcoming meetings
 Maintain “thank you” list and send out “thank you” letters on an ongoing basis
 Complete and submit “Fundraiser Request” forms to the Assistant Superintendent
 Complete and submit “Facility Usage” forms

 Position requires strong excel skills and preferably a knowledge of accounting
 Attend monthly meetings
 Ensure an annual budget is established and approved
 Prepare and file required federal and state tax and information returns, as well as NYS sales tax returns/payments
 Maintain procedures and policies to ensure the Association retains its federal and state tax exempt status
 Create and provide monthly and year-end financial report
 Keep detailed records of all monetary transactions
 Provide/maintain cash control guidelines/procedures
 Maintain inventory of supplies
 Coordinate/manage cash delivery and collection at fundraising events

 Maintains communication between parents/guadrians, cheerleaders, VCBA and coaches (maintain contact information sheets, e-mail distribution list, and applicable texting communication app)
 Place ads (in school newsletters, competition programs, local newspapers) on behalf of the VCBA
 Maintain “Victor Cheerleading” website and social media presence  

Team Parent Representative: This position is appointed by coaches of each team
 Attend monthly meetings, if possible.
 Work with Communications Officer to maintain/check accuracy of contact information sheets and e-mail distribution list for your team.
 If asked by Board, act as liaison between team (parents/cheerleaders) and the VCBA by sending e-mails, making phone calls and sending home flyers.
 If asked by Board, solicit volunteers for select events: competition, pasta dinner and distribution of Cheer Bash tickets (varies depending on fundraisers selected)
 Help the cheerleaders to organize an end-of-season gift for team’s coach  Coordinate with Coach to organize events to “cheer on your team” like “spirit bags”, team dinners, hair curling… whatever sounds fun and you are willing to do